segunda-feira, 11 de março de 2019

Brown eyes

Sometimes you meet someone and even though you never liked brown eyes before, their eyes are your new favourite colour.

It all starts with the eyes, right?
It all starts when i notice you at a distance.
It all starts when i fell a nerve every time i sense you around me.
It all starts and it all started when i saw you.

When i first looked at you, i never thought i would end up taking this path.
I had promised myself that i would never go back to this, to fall in love.
Such a human error, but so inhuman..
And when i least expected it, you showed up to make me loose myself once again.

It took twenty seconds. Twenty seconds of insane courage, twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery to make a mistake that got me dreaming again.
You took that little time to break huge barriers that so many tryied before and lost, perfect barriers i built over the years.
You took twenty seconds, until you cross those eyes with mine, twenty seconds of waiting that looked like twenty years.

And finnally, you saw me. You conquered me without realising it, without myself knowing how to deal with what was happening.
There are no defenses against you, no more. 

Because i want you.
I want you without any armor, without ropes or barriers. I want you free to show you the world.
I want to show you how important you are. I want you to be my mistake.
But most of all, i want you to let yourself go wrong.

Because what i feel has no name, i can not explain. 
You make me desire for a mistake.


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